When danger strikes, connect instantly.

Mobile Urgent Alerts is a personal safety service that enables field personnel, lone workers, or people at risk to immediately notify their contacts of an emergency situation.

With the push of a button, workers using equipped Kyocera Dura series Feature Phone or Android device can send an alert to pre-determined, customized lists.

Empower your field staff, lone workers, isolated groups and personnel at risk with the ability to send urgent messages without having to dial a phone.

Do you want a consumer-lite version, with SMS notification only? See our Consumer MUA offering.


  • Customized lists – Send alerts at the push of a button to specialized groups.
  • Location information – Detailed information, including location and phone number/push-to-talk number, within each alert.
  • Delivery options – Send the alerts via SMS, voice call, email or any combination your business desires.

NOTE: This application is not intended to be used as a replacement for informing the authorities about emergency situations.

Terms and conditions are available here.

  • Single billing – It all comes on one invoice.
  • NEW – Send alerts if you fall• Activate with SOS button on Kyocera Ten4, Speaker button on Kyocera DuraForce Pro• Send alerts from lock screen without unlocking phone• Send alerts covertly, no audible indication when an alert is triggered, user selectable option

    • Send repeat notifications for up to 3 hours


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